Flow with your board and experience the great feeling of windsurfing; become part of the sea and the wind.

Our school is located in one of the best spots for windsurfing; flat water 265 days a year at the mouth of river Muga and waves area in the beautiful Rosas Bay.


Even if you are a begginner or you want to improve your skills Empuriabrava Sailing is your school.We offer 3 different types of course depending on the duration. We work in small groups of 6 people maximum to guarantee the quality of your learning process.

The content of the course is tailored to the level and age of the windsurfers in the group.


If you want a private instructor for you or for your group you can get a 1h private session. You'll have a 100% tailored class.

We offer lessons for begginer, intermediate and advanced level.


If you feel like windsurfing on your own you can rent your equipement. We have begginer boards and sails for both children and adults and also fun board equipement.

You can get 1h or a pack from 5h to 20h..